Do you remember getting your first lip balm? That very first one that you picked out yourself, that you kept in your pocket and smelled so good that you’d hold it up to all of your friends’ noses? I know I do, and just thinking about it has me basking in the sweet nostalgia of being 12.

When I launched Eclair Lips, I knew that I and so many other women had this fun rite-of-passage in common and as my company grew, I noticed that the excitement my customers had for their lipbalm was still alive well into adulthood. And spreading… To their kids!

After countless women asked if I made lip balm for kids or joked that their little ones kept stealing their own tubes, I decided it was finally time to help those poor mamas and their little lip balm snatchers too!

So what exactly goes into making a lip balm for kids?

Feel-Good Ingredients

The Eclair Lips formula is 100% safe and natural, and inside each tube, you’ll find only 6 ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, vitamin E and natural, organic, flavourings.

They don’t contain any parabens, phthalates or artificial fragrances and boast of shelf life of 12 months once opened, and provided they are kept in a cool and dry environment, their freshness can last even longer.

Because the ingredients are all natural, the lip balm will melt at body temperature so that it can easily glide on – keep that in mind if you are storing it in a pocket, leaving it in the car or on a windowsill – it may soften or melt. If this happens, just stand it upright in a cool spot, and it will harden back up within an hour.

Yummy Flavours Without Sweeteners

The Eclair Lips Kids collection features delicious kid-approved flavours not only to make life more fun for kids, but a little easier for parents too! All this without added sweeteners to make sure little ones aren’t tempted to lick their lips, meaning that their lip balm, and the moisture, has a good dose of staying power. It also had to smell delicious so kids would have no complaints when it was time to put this stuff on their lips!

the texture that’s just right

If Goldilocks is looking for a lip balm, send her this way because my formula is just right! Not too greasy or waxy, it glides right on, keeping tiny lips moisturized and protected from the wind and cold for hours – something this
Canadian gal and her little crew are very familiar with!

Bright and Cheerful, Just Like Them

Fun, bright and cheerful – this is what came to mind when I sat down to create my packaging. I’m proud to say that the result is an adorable tube that any boy or girl could get excited about claiming as their own. And it even has a special spot on the label to personalize with a child’s name – because when you want the world to know something is all yours, you put your name on it, right?

When it all finally came together, my customers were eager to get their hands on a fun, natural product to help them care for their kids lips with the added bonus that it might even help keep little hands off of their own grown-up version! And while I can’t guarantee that mama’s lip balm won’t sometimes end up in some peculiar places, (like between those infamous couch cushions!) I can promise you this: the delicious pleasure of having a yummy lip balm to finally call your own is sure to be one of life’s tiny delights that mamas will joyfully pass along to their littles.

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