Eclair Lips Monthly: Delicious Lip Balm Delivered!

Does the idea of having a collection of the most delicious, dessert-flavored natural lip balms all to yourself make you positively giddy?

Well, get ready to break out your sweet happy dance moves because with Eclair Lips Monthly, that's exactly what you'll get, plus some more bonuses that will have you feeling like a VIP all year round!



Exclusive Flavors You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Each month, our subscribers receive two lip balms in flavors that aren't available on our website or in stores! They might be brand new creations or a customer favorite that we've taken out of The Vault just for our subscribers.

VIP Shopping Events and Insider Savings

Plus, you'll also get VIP invites to each and every new collection launch so you can shop before everyone else and receive an insider's savings codes too!

Never Miss Your Favorite Flavors Ever Again!

Have you ever been disappointed when one of our amazing flavors sold out before you could get one? No more missing out for you! When you subscribe to Eclair Lips Monthly, you'll be busy sniffing the latest lip balm goodness we've concocted that month.

Become a Founding Member in June 2020!

In just a few days, we'll be opening up the doors to Eclair Lips Monthly with MORE special perks for our Founding Members! With a limited quantity of subscriptions available for our launch, they'll go fast so be sure to hop on our our VIP Launch Waitlist today so you'll know the second that cart opens up!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many lip balms will I receive each month?

Your package will include two exclusive lip balms each month.

What types of flavors will be included?

Desserts are our specialty, so you can expect flavors inspired your favorite ice cream, cakes, chocolate, pies, coffee, drinks...All the sweets!

Can I tell you my preferences? There are some flavors I might not like.

Unfortunately, making lip balm is a bit like baking muffins - you can't really make just one, and accommodating several preference requests would mean just that, which is something we can't do. If you receive a flavor that's not a favorite, we suggest gifting it to a friend to earn some BFF brownie points!


Do you ship worldwide?

For the time being, we'll be accepting subscribers from Canada and the US only.