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Smells like the real thing!

This balm smells like the perfect combo of chocolate and fresh raspberries - delish!!

Everything I hoped it would be and more!!!

I am a biggggg PB and J fan!! Bought this before it left as a monthly flavour, and now it's back in stock for now... you don't want to miss this flavour if you love the old classic! Its soo good I was reluctant to show my 4 year old daughter, in fear I would lose it!

Super fun

Bubblegum ice cream is my favorite and this smells like the good stuff! Perfect for when I'm missing Summer.

Spot on scent

Smells so fresh and sweet, just like the real thing. It's like stepping into a fall fair every time I put it on.

Calorie-free but SO YUMMY!!!

This one is my ALLTIME FAVORITE so far, and my inner-kid agrees! Nostalgic, tangy, sweet, and oh-so-happy!!


Smells exactly like cherry cola.... And I swear - I know it's all in my head - but I can almost feel the fizz of the cola on my lips. Pure witchcraft! But I love it!!!! :) :) :)

One of my favs!

Love love love this one. One of my favs. Will definitely be ordering this one again.


The smell alone will have you falling in love. I love all flavors I've gotten. I'm going to order more of my favorite!!☺️


Smells just like my Favorite Christmas candy, and it works great to keep my lips from drying out!

My Favourite!

I’ve tried several of the Éclair lip balms and this one is by far my favourite! I love the fruit flavoured lip balms and I haven’t been disappointed yet! Thanks again for the amazing service!

The best!

Smells and tastes just like it ,you just want to eat it!..my Fav ..ordered more encase they run out lol <3
Eclair lipbalm addict 😁

Sweetly delicious!!

Unicorns + cotton candy = two of my daughter’s favourite things! She loves this balm and its yummy, sweet scent!

Love this balm! Goes on smoothly, smells great, and lasts a few hours.

It smelled great, wasn’t greasy and kept my lips soft and it’s natural! :)

Love my lipgloss! So smooth!

So addictive!

Deliciously sweet bubble gum scent! My son has already claimed this balm, so I may have to order another. :) Love your lip balms!

perfect vacation lipgloss!

I gave it to my niece for her trip down south :) She loved it!

Smells amazing!

This is probably my favorite out of all the flavors so far. If you love maraschino cherries this is as close as it gets to eating one without the calories!

Smells amazing!

I received Sugared Cranberry today. It smells delicious! It is so soft on the lips. I love it!

Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream is the ultimate lip Balm! It's my favorite ♥️ I have them everywhere - car, night table, purse, end table and backups just in case... I hope Eclair Lips never stops making Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm.


The only downfall to this is that you immediately crave cupcakes the minute the cover comes off and you apply to your lips!


I feel like Justin Biebers new “Yummy” song was written for Eclair Lips.. I keep like 8 in my purse, 2 at work, 1 in the living room, and 2 on the night stand.. alwaaays needs to be with me!!

Favourite Lip Balm!

Each flavour of Eclair lips lip balm is delicious; however this one is the best one yet! They are so smooth and don’t get separated and grainy. Better stock up - people will steal these!

Smells SO Good!

An explosion of flavor without the sweet lip-drying coating we grew up using.


This is my favorite lip balm. I love the scent and how it goes on smooth and stays on! My lips stay hydrated!