Wholesale Shop

Welcome back! We've recently made some changes to our wholesale ordering process that we think you'll enjoy!

We've partnered with Faire to offer you fantastic terms on your order.

If you are new to this platform, you'll enjoy:

  • $100 credit on your first order
  • FREE net 60 terms
  • FREE shipping with Eclair Lips for an entire year!
  • FREE returns


Q. Does this mean I'm not purchasing directly from Eclair Lips anymore?

A. While Faire will be handling the payment processing and administration, your orders still come direct to us and we fulfill them as we always have from our Dieppe, NB headquarters.

Q. Does Faire take a cut of your payment when we order there?

A. When you use the link provided on this page to order Eclair Lips on Faire, we pay 0% commission, and you get to benefit from all the perks! It's a win-win! You can also bookmark it now: eclairlips.faire.com

Have another question for us? Send us an email at wholesale@eclairlips.com